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Philadelphia Newborn Photography Riley Cream Felt Heart

I met Randi and Adam quite suddenly! I was hosting a Newborn Photography Workshop in my Swarthmore Home Studio and was looking for models for the newborn pictures. Another client reached out saying that she had friends who recently had a baby. Now, truth be told, Newborn Photography Workshops are by no means like any of my full Newborn Sessions. During Newborn Workshops, many students are learning posing techniques, so we work with at least four newborns. I spoke to them before the Workshop so they knew it wouldn't be a full session.

Adam and Randi arrived that afternoon with baby Riley, and holy cow was she a cutie. She was perfect for our tough bucket pose that afternoon. And when we were showing newborn parent pictures, she peed. All. Over. Randi. Even after that, she decided she wanted to come back for a full session. I really wanted to create something really sweet but timeless.

This set I knew would be perfect. But then... Riley got fussy. When newborns are getting fussy during a newborn session, I will often wrap them to settle them. And it always works. Well, almost always. So when I placed her into the fluff hoping she would nod off, I was pleasantly surprised to find her looking right at me. Score one for the newborn photographer.

Location: Philadelphia, PA Northern Liberties.

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