Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Hanging Cherry Tree
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Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Hanging Cherry Tree

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Tori Stauffer explains how she safely creates hanging pictures.

First of all, let's clarify that at no point am I ever hanging a baby from anything. I call these images "composites". Before your session, I will often decide to incorporate a few "Epic Images". However, these images are really time intensive to create. Therefore, I will select ahead of time or create an image without the baby using the same props or backgrounds that I will use during your baby's session. Then, when I have the baby in studio, I use those same props and backgrounds and same lighting pattern to create a "composite" picture of the baby that I can add into my already created background.

The number one priority for me is creating a safe and happy environment for babies. Many of my photos are created with composites from multiple images, such as the ever popular froggy pose.

Location: Philadelphia, PA.