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Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Art Museum Rose Nest

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Tori Stauffer talks about how she starts every planning session with the finished product in mind.

When I first book a session with a client, I immediately schedule a Styling Consultation to discuss newborn pictures. But it really is so much more than that. It is the first time I get to meet the client face to face. I get to visually take in their home and surroundings. There are little clues throughout that give me ideas to make your newborn portraits special. It might be a piece of art you have on the wall, or a blanket draped over the couch.

In addition to seeing the style of my clients, I get to learn more about them and find personal things we can bring into their newborn photography session. No other Philadelphia Newborn Photographer creates these types of finished items.

When I am building a newborn photo session, I'm picturing what the newborn album will look like and how it will flow from one baby picture to the next. But I also want to give the parents a diverse selection of baby photos. There's nothing more boring than just a bunch of pink fabric pictures of your newborn. What I create is something truly special. I like to think it is artwork that just happens to be your baby!

Location: Fairmount Philadelphia.