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Philadelphia Maternity Photography Artistic Nudes

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer Tori Stauffer creates elegant pregnancy photos using fabrics and dramatic lighting to create artistic nudes.

I create unique images to really showcase how gorgeous you are, bump and all. Many women are very self conscious during pregnancy and don't like to be photographed. When they think of doing maternity pictures, they just think that they'll have some pretty pictures outside in a garden to document their pregnancy. I have a different take on maternity photos. I want these to not only be pictures of your pregnancy, but your favorite portraits of yourself. While you may come in self conscious and in no way considering doing artistic nudes, you will see the back of my camera and it will completely change your mindset. You will see what I see. I have studied photography for years. Not just how to use my camera, but how to use lighting in different ways and how to pose people. Posing pregnant women is very tricky and takes training to do it in a way that is flattering. I use lighting and posing to accentuate all of the beautiful softness of pregnancy in a way that will make you wish you could stay pregnant forever.

520 Market Street | St. Augustine, FL 32095 • tori@toristauffer.com • 904-436-5121