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Maternity Photos with pink fabric

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer Tori Stauffer uses 100% silk fabrics to create beautiful drape and movement in pregnancy photos.

Each silk is chosen based on not only its color, but more importantly, the way it moves and hugs a woman's body. The most important part of my maternity pictures is how I pose a woman in a way to show all the curves in the most beautiful way. Because of that, imitation silks and polyesters never work because they add bulk, which is the enemy of maternity photographs. This doesn't come cheap. Each silk costs anywhere from $75 to $300 depending on the type of silk and length.

For more information on maternity photos, Contact Tori Stauffer.

Location: Philadelphia, PA.

520 Market Street | St. Augustine, FL 32095 • tori@toristauffer.com • 904-436-5121