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Portraits: Studio vs. Outdoors

Portraits: Studio vs. Outdoors

Family photography basically comes down to two types, studio photography or outdoor photos. My specialty is studio portraits. I absolutely LOVE playing with lighting to create a different feeling and environment. I just don't have as much creative control with sunlight alone.

In addition, I love being able to spend the time with each family and not limit it to how much light we have left. I want to let those kiddos warm up so we get to see their personalities shine. They change so much every year, I love capturing them right now when there are just. like. this.

I also get to include multiple looks during a session since there is a large bathroom with changing area. No need to haul a big bag of stuff all over the park. I have a closet for all of your stuff!

My studio portraits aren't focused on the backgrounds and locations. I'm focused on the relationships and personalities.

Outdoor photography can be absolutely beautiful with fun locations. Many outdoor photographers also add a vintage feel. Outdoor photography also allows kids lots of space to run around.

My family does a mix of both. We have done outdoor photos, but I don't necessarily want beach photos every single year. Once I've had one type of location, I will switch it up to a different style or location. Just make sure the photographers you select have a style that will go well with the existing photos in your home.

If you are still not sure, here is a handy list of pros and cons to decided what type of family photo session is right for you.

Studio Photography


controlled lighting

outfit changes as necessary

food and drink options

bathrooms (hello!)

not limited on time

no long walks


I mean, there's no beach or oak tree

Not as much space to run around.

Outdoor Photography


Pretty locations

Sand and salt water


Sand and salt water

Bad weather

Sunrise or sunset sessions only

No bathroom

The light is what the light is

If you are looking for outdoor family pictures, here are some local photographers:














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