St. Augustine Family Photographer | Tori Stauffer


When should I schedule my newborn photography session?

Before baby arrives! Baby pictures are captured within the first two weeks of life while they are still all curled up and sleepy. Most families book their newborn sessions two to three months before baby is due to arrive. Since it’s impossible to know exactly when baby will arrive, I reserve your Newborn Portrait Session on your Due Date. I only take a certain number of Due Dates per month to make sure we can accommodate all babies. Once a month is considered booked, we do not take any additional bookings in order to accommodate the timing of our itty bitty clients. My schedule is normally booked up about four weeks in advance so please call to schedule your newborn appointment before your baby is born.

When should I schedule my maternity photos?

If you'd like to photograph and document your pregnancy in one of our gorgeous maternity sessions, we recommend the session take place between weeks 32 to 36. During this time, you will be "movie pregnant". Adorably pregnant with that bump, but not so pregnant that your feet start to swell and you're falling asleep at your desk. (Oh, did nobody tell you about this? We'll chat...I'll fill you in on the details.)

For booking your Maternity Session, you should plan on booking by 30 weeks at the latest so that we are able to hold your Styling Session prior.

My baby arrived early, what do I do?

As a mom of a little one who arrived two months early, I a soft spot for my little NICU friends. I am very experienced with preemies and the challenges that make their adjustment and yours a little more difficult. I understand that sometimes that a two week window just won’t work for some babies, they have their own plans. Don’t panic! I look at a baby’s adjusted age in this scenario. Should you have a baby who arrives a little ahead of schedule and has to spend some additional days hanging out with the amazing NICU nurses, no worries. We will schedule your session when you are all home as a family.

This is my first baby, I'm kind of nervous to take baby into the world so early.

I completely understand. However, this will likely not be your first time out. You will have already been on your first car ride as you drive home from the hospital. You will have your first outing within days when you go to see the pediatrician for baby's first official appointment. You may even get a sushi run in there before your session. The thing I can assure you of is that my Newborn Studio is a completely safe and comfortable environment for you and your baby. I take a limited amount of clients per month so there is not a high turn around in the studio. Everyone here is up to date with vaccinations and are the first in line for the flu shot every year. (Fun fact. Telling your doctor your are a Newborn Photographer magically bumps you to the front of the Flu Shot Line in September!). In addition to cleaning, washing, and tidying up after each newborn session, we have The Studio professionally cleaned once a week to ensure the safest space for your baby.

In addition, you will not have worry about a photographer coming to your house. You won't have to worry about anything like, What areas will they be in? Are those rooms tidy enough for photos? What does our bedspread looks like? Will it be cute in pictures? How many laundry baskets are too many to be sitting out? Oh my gosh...look at all those dishes in the sink! Is there enough light in the nursery for pictures? What if the dog barks and wake up the baby? How am I going to get my house to 85 degrees without feeling like I'm suffocating? It sounds exhausting already...doesn't it? Let us worry about all of the just relax.

What is a Print Based Studio?

I am a print based studio. That means that all orders are printed artwork. I offer Albums and Wall Art, in addition to a few add ons. I also understand that we live in a digital age and people want to be able to share their images socially. Therefore, every image you select for your Album or for Wall Art includes the corresponding digital image. I do not offer digital only packages because I believe it is so important to have your family images printed.

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provide, but for the feeling that you cherished them.”

It’s one thing to hire a professional, it’s another thing to actually do something with the images.

Don’t let your child grow up on a hard drive. Research studies have proven that prominently displaying portraits of the family improve a child’s self-worth.

How much does it cost?

Everything I create is completely custom. Because of this, the amount each client spends can vary greatly. While products start at $1300, clients typically spend more on commissioned artwork.