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Your headshot is more than a LinkedIn profile. And your career is so much bigger than 180 pixels.

In today's digital world, most people begin their search online. Whether it is the company where you want to apply, or a potential client looking for their new home, you need them to pick YOU. Your headshot is the first thing they see. Before your resume. Before your accolades. Before you step foot in their door, your headshot has already given your first impression.

Let me help you make that first impression memorable. My goal is for your personality to shine. I create authentic portraits that truly show who you are and what you are all about.

We will begin with our styling consultation. We will get to talk about outfits and what to bring. Most importantly, we will discuss what you want to convey. What is your business? What do you want customers and co-workers to remember about you? That's what we're going to create.

All sessions include professional hair and makeup at no additional cost. We want you to look and feel your best so we can create stunning images you'll want to keep using forever.

You don't need to worry about how to sit or what to do. I have mastered the art of portraiture and will be very specific in your posing and body language. After many years of doing this, I know all of the best angles for every body type. Additionally, I will guide you through my smile series to help you keep your facial expressions natural and genuine.

Modern headshots and branding photos that show who you are and what you do.

520 Market Street | St. Augustine, FL 32095 • tori@toristauffer.com • 904-436-5121